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FEYNLAB™ is the world leader in fine resin manufacturing for automotive, aerospace, and marine applications. Our team of scientists include alumni of some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Oxford University. Nanotechnology is a new and exciting field, with many great discoveries to be made yet, here at Feynlab we see ourselves as the pioneers of nano resin systems, and will continue to push the boundaries of surface science. After all, it was one of our founders, John Suerth, whom initially coined the term “Ceramic Coating” over 15 years ago, and there is no one that better understands this topic.

Feynlab Self-Healing

Feynlab weren't kidding when they said they lead the market. The hand applied Self Healing series of coatings are without a doubt the most impressive advancement in paint protection since the first Ceramic coating was introduced. Oh yeh, that was Feynlab too.

CAD Services

protection detail
Detail 1 - Protection Detail

15 point vehicle cleanse including, wheels, arches, door shuts, filler cap and all remaining body work

3 stage decontamination to remove bonded contaminants such as; Tar, iron particles, overspray etc. to leave a silky smooth surface for perfect coating adhesion.

Secondary ph neutral wash and compressed air dry.

Polish, panel wipe and seal the bodywork.
A vast selection of waxes sealants to choose from.

All external trims, plastics and rubbers sealed and protected.

Glass cleaned, polished and rain repellent application.

Exhaust polished and sealed.

Wheel faces protected tyres conditioned.
Full wheel removal and protection extra.

Allow 1 day for this detail.

From £150

enhancement detail
Detail 2 - Enhancement Detail

This is the introduction to machine polishing. This detail is designed for vehicles in relatively good condition, but suffering from light wash induced marring. The paintwork is single stage machine polished with a fine diminishing abrasive to enhance gloss and depth of colour.

This treatment includes all the procedures from the protection detail.

Allow 1.5 - 2 days for completion

Prices from £250

2 stage correction
Detail 3- Two stage correction
(swirl removal detail)

This is the perfect treatment for clients looking to vastly improve the overall visual condition and look of their vehicle, and is also our most popular procedure.
Two stages of machine polishing are undertaken to remove unsightly swirl marks and holograms whilst removing only a small amount of clearcoat (lacquer).
This procedure enhances reflective clarity, gloss and depth of colour and is truly vehicle changing.

This includes all procedures from the protection detail..

Allow 3-4 days for this procedure

Prices start from £450

multi stage paint correction
Detail 4 - Multi stage paint correction

If you are looking for paintwork perfection & a better than showroom finish, then look no further.
This comprehensive package includes refining the clearcoat to remove bird etchings and as many scratches swirls & defects as safely as possible, whilst leaving jaw dropping gloss & optical clarity.
Please note, not all defects/scratches can be removed, severity sometimes plays a definitive roll as does clearcoat depth, but be rest assured, the vehicle will be refined to the highest achievable standard possible, ensuring mind blowing results.

This includes everything from the protection detail.

Allow 4 - 7 days for this procedure

Prices from £600

self healing by feynlab
Detail 5 - Ceramic & self healing coatings by FEYNLAB

If you're looking for the worlds most advanced vehicle protection offering ease of maintenance, then this is the right choice for you. There are several packages to choose from and include the perfect pre application prep.

Leather protection
From £50

Wheel & caliper protection.
From £120

Ceramic nano sealant 6 months protection.
Detail starts from £150

Ceramic lite detail 1 year protection.
This detail starts from £250

Universal, for commercial vehicles.
3 year protection.
This detail starts from £300

Dual ceramic detail
Ceramic topped with ceramic lite.
3 year protection
This detail starts from £500

Ceramic + hybrid ceramic coating with 40% healing capabilities.
5 year coating.
This detail starts from £750

Self heal lite.
60% self healing capabilities.
5 year coating.
This detail starts from £900

detailing extras
Detail 6 - Additional Extras

Interior carpet and upholstery steam extraction deep clean and dry.
From £80

Leather cleansing,conditioning and protection.
From £50

Wheel removal, barrel and face deep clean, decontamination and protection.
From £120 a set of four

Headlight and taillight restoration.
Front pair from £40
Rear pair from £40

Cabriolet roof rejuvenation an 're proofing.
From £100

PDR painless dent removal
From £40

Engine bay detail
From £40

Ceramic Coatings

FEYNLAB are the inventors of the original CERAMIC for automotive paint protection, we have come a long way since then, and we have advanced our technology many times over. The CERAMIC line of coatings is by far the most durable, and easy to apply.

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